Friday 24 May 2024

Clouds and Lighting

 Some snaps from the deck.  The first two are from 21 May.

The next bunch are from 23rd, with a range of camera settings (and lenses - mainly 18 - 45 mm) used.

Trying with the 'backlight' setting.  Must try harder!
Very close to dark.
Houseboats heading out.
An attempt to catch the lit up houseboat!  Using the biggest lens at full zoom (400mm) needs more bracing than I gave it!

Monday 20 May 2024

Some Phungal Fotos

 Not as good as Caroline's but taken with my phone! Those identified to species have been agreed on iNaturalist, the more generic descriptors are mine!  The photos were mainly taken in Mortimer's Paddock.

Macrolepiota clelandii

Cruentomycena viscidocruenta topside
Cruentomycena viscidocruenta underside
Lactifluus flocktoniae: this is a newly defined genus split from Lactarius in 2008This was found on the Captains Creek FiretrailAccording to Wikipedia the genus Lactifluus was defined in 1806 before being merged with Lactarius. Don't you love taxonomists?   The 'Lacti' element of the name refers to the milky latex exuded when the body is damaged

Pluteus hubregtseorum
A paint fungus.
Leather/shelf fungus, topside.
Leather/shelf fungus, underside.
Possibly a "Rustgill" (Gymnopilus sp.)  These were at the picnic area near the start of the Chip Track.

Sunday 19 May 2024

Waves rock on

 It was pretty stormy on 18 May with a good Southerly blowing (gusting in the mid 50kph range).  A good time to check for seabirds at Geology Point.  A few Shy Albatross were all that we saw - not that that wasn't good!

The sea was quite vigorous and Mummy Rock took a bath every 30 seconds or so.

This lookout is called Geology Point for a reason.  Here is some Geology and an incoming wave.
Much more geology and some (fairly manky) foam that has come through the blowhole.

Saturday 18 May 2024

Some sunsets

 Over the past few evenings there has been enough cloud around to give colourful sunsets.  Here are some samples from 3 evenings.

14 May

15 May

17 May

As the evening developed we had a few squalls of rain from this, amounting to 3.2 mm up to midnight and a further 7.8mm by0630.

Monday 13 May 2024

Mothers Day Photos

 A few snaps taken on 12 April.

In the morning I visited the Narrows carpark and found at last 2 Nankeen Night Herons, possibly 3.  The first was in the usual spot in the Pittosporum near the speed limit sign from which a second bird flushed to the far side of the big eucalypt. 

More flushing occurred from the Pittosporums on the far side of the big tree.  This may have been 2 birds flushing once each or one bird moving twice.  The end result was a second bird perching on a dead branch on the big tree.  I realise this is against all the rules.

The branch is usually occupied by Cormorants and here is one for comparison.
Boofy hairdos are not restricted to Royal Spoonbills (or crappy boy-bands - excuse the tautology).
Getting home I wielded the camera around a few flowering plants.  Beginning with pots out the front.

And then moving to the chrysanthemums out the back.

This one amazes me.  I bought it for $2 as a nearly-dead pot of sticks about 4 years ago and it flowers like this for months every year.  Wot a bargain.
A Canna has decided to join in.

A nice sky heading towards the evening.
My effort at aurora photography on the 12th (the 11th was solid cloud at Mallacoota).

Friday 10 May 2024

April Weather Report

 Sorry about the delay but April hadn't finished when we left for Melbourne and Canberra, and we have just got back.  In summary April in Mallacoota was close to average rain and quite cool.


The total for the month ended at 71.2 mm or 90% of the median for April.  This is quite an advance on the preceding 2 months.

A time series of April falls shows this year as well below the past two years of La Nina pattern, but also above quite a few previous Aprils.  We are at 96% of Median To End of Month for April.
Taking a forward view, my pro-rata estimate for the year has been fairly stable, but with a slight downward tendency over April.  


The anomaly for the monthly has ended up in negative territory at -0.39C.  After a very hot 2 opening days for the month the anomaly dropped steadily.
The time series is interesting, with the original series seeming very erratic; the 12 period moving average showing a La Nina inspired climb with a recent flattening; and the trend in the moving average continuing to climb!

My chart of temperature extremes show minimum temperatures fluctuating around the long term averages for the date, while maxima are more consistently low.
This month I have given some attention to the range of temperatures experienced each day, and particularly the comparison of this years range and the range between the average daily maximum and minimum,  The current range with an average of 8.0C was less than the average range (9.51C) of the long term values.  As might be expected the long term average had a much lower level of variation with a standard deviation of the daily ranges being only 0.41C in contrast with the current month showing a standard deviation across daily values of 2.48C.  I suspect that is slightly less clear than the average buffalo wallow!

Minimum Temperatures

The average minimum temperature of 11.85C was practically equal to the long term (since 1993) average minimum of 11.85C.  Restricting this to the period of data availability from my Weather Station (WS) shows the April result in the lower part of the range.

Maximum Temperatures

Not surprisingly, in view of the data shown in the extremes chart above, the average maximum temperature for the month (20.32C) was well below the long term average of 21.34C.  In the Financial Year chart below this shows the curve for the current year shifting from the top of the 5 value pack to the bottom.


The relative humidities for the two standard times suggest the month was quite muggy, with few values for the afternoon reading below 65%.
For both series the April 2024 value was in the higher end of the 6 values I have recorded.


For 29 of the 30 days of the month the wind run was moderate or calmer.  Over the month as a whole, including the one breezy day, the average run was 73.6 km compared to the average of 92.5km for other Aprils.
Looking at the 411 km run on the 6th is rather like "Apart from that how did you enjoy the play, Mrs Lincoln?".  That is the longest run (by 80km) of any April day since I started my WS in 2019.  It is also the 8th longest run of any month over that period.